Been exploring my new home Caliđź’—

Today I traveled to Manhattan Beach. Very cute little town. Snuck my baby Rambo onto the beach. We had a blast:))

20140608-154030-56430576.jpg 20140608-154029-56429473.jpg 20140608-154031-56431534.jpg

As you can see he really enjoyed himself. Relaxed, got a tan and checked out the chicks;))

20140608-154909-56949339.jpg 20140608-154906-56946947.jpg 20140608-154908-56948362.jpg 20140608-154909-56949689.jpg 20140608-154907-56947318.jpg 20140608-154911-56951656.jpg 20140608-154910-56950626.jpg 20140608-154912-56952590.jpg 20140608-154911-56951288.jpg 20140608-154910-56950883.jpg

My first NPC bikini fitness show